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Thu Jul 15 19:10:12 EDT 2010

>From the outset of this topic, I wondered why that simple call to Cal was
not made and thought about making that suggestion myself - but never did.

Someone at Clark's, probably not Cal specifically, does read VV.

It could simply be an employee who has an interest in Vairs and participates
in VV for their own interest.  When something potentially adverse (to 
Clark's) appears, the word gets
back.  It's called protecting your job.

Cal contacted you privately and probably in good faith today.  Was there 
really a need to tell that to the rest of us?

Later, JR

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>I got an email from Cal today asking that I just call them if I have a
> problem with anything they sell.

> Not sure if he is reading these A/C related postings
> Joe Dunlap
> Florida
> 2 Corvairs

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