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First off, I am posting this reply to V V because I think it's important  
that anyone else who is -- doing whatever, same type repair, get all of the 
info  on the subject they can.
I thought it was the right thing to do to let this group know that someone  
(Cal) DID respond to this issue.
Obviously, someone at Clark's must be monitoring V V.   I also -  twice, 
expressed my gratitude for all that Cal & Joan and their crew have  done for 
our hobby and I have nothing but the highest respect for them.
Certainly, I understand what a monumental task it has been to get to where  
they are with preparation of their extensive catalogs.  And I wouldn't  
expect the catalogs to be completely w/o an error here and there.  However,  I 
stand by my original statement that a simple explanation of the fact that  
THEIR A/C kit and OEM components require different manuals - and that this  
should be spelled out in the very front of the A/C section.  Too late now,  
but I hope they will do something about it in future catalogs.  
I have had several V V members tell me of much difficulty with A/C install  
instructions.  I don't know yet, as I am just getting started on  mine.  I 
WILL say that I've been fooling with cars for 50 yrs. now   and consider 
myself reasonably capable of figuring things out.   I  bought my first Corvair 
around 1967 and have owned around 10 of them.  
Joe Dunlap
2 Corvairs
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Cal contacted you privately and probably in good faith  today.  Was there 
really a need to tell that to the rest of  us?

Later, JR

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