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"NOT rank amateurs"
LOL.  Well, I'll accept that Title, since this is my first A/C  
installation.  However, I've been talking to others who have done it for  about 5 yrs. 
now and taking pics of all kinds of Corvair A/C  installations.  (Thanks -- 
Cecil Mills)  If I didn't think I  could do it, I would have just taken the 
car to Vintage Air in Tampa.   Actually, I likely WILL take it to them for 
some of the wiring and hose work and  charging the system.  I only plan to 
plumb the basic hard parts.
Mark, I was sure you told me that you wrote the Clark's kit instruction  
booklet.  Whatever......  I talked to Rusty about 4 - 5 yrs. ago as  one of my 
initial contacts about doing this.
That's all I have to say on this subject.........  That is, until I  start 
spewing expletives as I get further into it.
Joe Dunlap
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Actually, I did not write either the GM or Clark's a/c  installation 
manuals The GM manual was written by GM, and as such they  rightfully address it 
to experienced auto (if not Corvair) mechanics, and NOT  rank amateurs. I 
simply supplied it to Clark's for reproduction. Clark's  manual was (as far as 
I know) written by Rusty Rose, so blame him.

I  will bring Bill's post to Cal's  attention.


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