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Bill remind me that YES, the foam seals are not long enough. I neglected to
call Clark's and let them know. Last year I bought those seals for my 66
A/C 4 door, and since they were short I reused the original seals. The
Clark's seals are still sitting in the garage.

I removed the condenser to clean the leaves/dirt etc, as the air flow was
limited and causing high head pressure/engine overheating.

I reccomend all 66-69 condenser people to do this. just 4 screws, do not
disconnect any refrigeration lines. ANd you can use a small screwdriver to
carefully comb the fins. Or buy an A/C fin comb....

Frank DuVal

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A couple of other points:  

2.  There are two foam seals that go at the upper and lower ends of the 
condenser.  These are supposed to be "self-adhesive," but they're not.  You
to install the condenser, then push these foam seals in place.  They are
long enough to cover the entire length of the condenser, you need to add a 
couple of pieces on your own.  I used a bit of Permatex to hold the seals

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