<VV> Fwd: '69 A/C Install (Learned something new - here)

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Fri Jul 16 18:16:51 EDT 2010

Well, now, Bill.  Your little bit of info (below) makes me realize  I'll 
also need to do that upgrade on the Alternator.  Is this valid enough  reason 
to disseminate ongoing info on a topic on V V?   
Incidentally, I have seen boring (to me) topics go on-and-on for a week or  
two on here.  Maybe they helped someone.
I'll be A/C'ing all of my Rides.  4 of 9 to go......
Joe Dunlap
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Next, it will be a trip to a tint shop to get the windows  tinted, and and 
upgrade to the high-output alternator next week, G-d  willing.

Regards to all, have a great weekend...Bill Hershkowitz? 69  Monza Coupe 
110 PG

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