<VV> Late fuel guage

PETER INMAN monza1965 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 16 18:16:58 EDT 2010

65 Monza, Ive been working at getting my fuel guage working. Had a new sending 
unit that would not move the fuel guage up off empty. The guage worked when I 
checked it with a old sending unit out of the spare junk box. Gruouds are 

all good. I ended up pulling the sending unit out of the tank to find the float 
had a small crack in the recessed area that the rod cradeles. This was a new 
unit so new isnt always best. The float was full of gas and didnt float. 
Replaced float with an old one that didnt leak.Checked the assembly out of 
the tank in several positions and dash gage guage read about what I expected it 
  Now all back together. Started adding gas to bone dry tank one gallon at a 
time watching guage at every gallon. It took four gallons before the guage 
started to come off empty,six gallons checks just a little shy of 1/4 tank. What 
is the typical amount of fuel to get the guage moving? Should I be content with 
my numbers or is there something else I need to dig into? Theese readings would 
put me at empty with about 80 miles of fuel left. Thanks for any help .
Pete Inman
65 Monza


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