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>That's one reason, but another is that a friend of mine was a mail carrier 
>for 3 years, went out on disability (too tired to work) and has been on 
>$1400 / month disability leave until she retires in another 10 years, when 
>she'll collect $1900 for the rest of her life.
>So I don't mind paying half a buck for a letter to take a Tijuana taxi ride, 
>since I know it's paying for her life style ....
While it is undoubtedly true that the Postal Service suffers perhaps an unequal 
amount of employee abuse than other large industries, IT IS NOT TRUE that all 
Postal employees practice that kind of abuse.  My son has worked for the post 
office for over 20 years now in two different states and is still one of the 
hardest worker I know, and I'm trying very hard not to let my bias show.  He was 
recently transferred to the largest sorting facility known in the Pontiac, MI 
area running a new sorting machine.  He wore a pedometer the first several 
nights and found he was walking between 9 and 12 miles per night in learning the 
routine; it has now settled down to 7 mi during his 8-hr shift.  So, don't judge 
all employees or the company they work for by a few bad examples.

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