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Clunks in a corvair front end (I assume in this case)are often caused by bad 
outer swaybar bushings. I don't see how the shock snubbers (missing?) would 
cause 'clunking'.

Harry Yarnell
Perryman Garage and Orphanage
hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
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> My car has new shocks installed by the previous owner and there are
> clunks in the front suspension when I drive. I had a shop check out the
> front suspension and it is OK. Would the lack of these bumpers cause such 
> a
> clunking noise on bumps?
> ==============================================================
> I chased small-bump-clunks thru several sets of aftermarket shox ( Sears 
> (HD?), Gabriels and KONIs ) on my LM even after installing all new 
> bushings everywhere.
> Then, after futilely trying desperately high torque on the lower shock 
> mount, I got thinking about the clearance between the bolt body and the 
> inside of the tubular shock mount and the (somewhat smaller than stock due 
> to Massachusetts rust in my case) shock bolt. The clamping from torque 
>  >should< keep the tube ends from sliding within the control arm, and The 
> tube should be fairly stiff in bending, but everything flexes when loaded.
> I got pretty good results from carefully squeezing the exposed lengths of 
> tubular lower mounts oval in the vertical direction, to take out the 
> clearance between the shock mount and bolt. A little negative clearance 
> was easily overcome when tapping the (anti-seized for next time) bolt 
> home.
> Dan T
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