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When trying to filter out particles, it is best to start with a coarse filter medium and work your way to a finer & finer filter medium. What you are trying to do is get rid of the big stuff first. 

What was happening is the "fine particles" block up the filter and stop filtration or slow it to an unacceptable level. By using a coarse medium first, you get rid of the big stuff as it will filter quickly and subsequent finer & finer mediums remove finer & finer particles. 

By letting your cleaner settle for a long time, you have allowed most of the solids to drop to the bottom. Carefully pouring the top layer through a filter medium works to reduce the total volume of dirty cleaner solvent. Good move. Now all you would have left is a smaller volume of dirty cleaner which you can deal with easier, but still start out coarse to medium to fine to finer filters. 

Roy :: Bayshore 

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Subject: <VV> PARTS Cleaner update 
Thanks to all for their input on filtering used mineral spirits from 
my parts cleaner. 
Here are the results: 
I had some limited success with the coffee filter idea but the 
filters tended to clog quickly and they didn't filter out much contaminants. 
I had several NOS paper vacuum filter bags which although bigger 
exhibited the same problem as the coffee filters. 
12 hours or more of undisturbed "settling" in the plastic and metal 
gallon containers seem to do as much or more to remove the 
particulate contaminants as either of the filter methods. 
I have about 4 remaining gallons in "settling" stage which I will add 
to the current reclaimed MS in another 12+ hours. 

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