<VV> Corvair autocross/ display.

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Mon Jul 19 09:49:37 EDT 2010

I went to a huge (400+) car show at Decatur IL: Saturday;. there were 
NO Corvairs. However, there were two  Corvairs in the adjacent 
Museum--a nice 64 Spyder and the Bill Thomas/Doug Roe vintage race car. 
I went to an Indy region autocross Sunday and there were rwo Corvairs 
putting on a public display of Corvair attributes and collecting lots 
of attention from spectators and the local media.
    Michael had his white and blue tribute YSR 160 out after rebuilding 
and installing the engine on the  day before the autocross. He had some 
slight lifter noise but it ran great ---no stud girdles--just 
competition cam rockers.
    Michael had, by far. the largest car there and had to drive it with 
the tail out to get around the corners;. the crowd loved it. Power- on 
over steer can be a great thing.
    The other Corvair was my 64 Roadster---entered as "not a Lotus" in 
the pretend Lotus classes.
   I was able to take the win in the combined  8 car class of DM/E/M.
    Michael is too modest to brag, but he beat me by .060 seconds and 
was the fastest stock bodied car entered.
    We visited with some new friends who went home and immediately 
looked up all of the Corvair related websites.
     It rained buckets right after the throphy presentation. MIchal and 
Tracy had already left so I had to get their trophys and admit in 
public that Michael beat me.
    It was a great day.


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