<VV> Corvair autocross/ display.

tim mahler flat6vair at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 19:55:25 EDT 2010

I had the decatur show in the local Newsletter.  If I knew Warren was 
attending, I may have skipped the autocross the same day.  The autocross was 
fun, in Rantoul.   I was the only Corvair at the autocross.  As usual,  I 
was mid-packl, but had a blast.  Sunday, the Sandbergs arrived with their 
1970 CP Cuda.  That made Sunday better  than Saturday -- the show at the 
autocross was great.

btw:  Saturday featured a 9 cone  slalom and Sunday an 8 cone slalom that 
made Sat's 9 look easy.  The Cuda was clean through the 8 cone slalom 2 
maybe 3 times in 15 attempts (3 drivers, 5 runs).


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>I went to a huge (400+) car show at Decatur IL: Saturday;. there were
> NO Corvairs. However, there were two  Corvairs in the adjacent
> Museum--a nice 64 Spyder and the Bill Thomas/Doug Roe vintage race car.
> .

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