<VV> "66 Pilot - Turbo Convertible

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Mon Jul 19 14:45:15 EDT 2010

 What rule states that all Pilots had to have a Tele-Column? The Pilots are not supposed to be a high light of every option available. They don't have HD suspension, AM-FM, Quick steering, bumper guards or a bunch of other stuff. 


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> For $16,000 I would expect, if not a
> show car, at least a car with no 
> issues.  That car has issues.  Those wheels are
> aftermarket, no?  Not an 
> authentic pilot car without the pilot wheels/hubcaps? 
> What is wrong with 
> the exhaust plumbing?  The tailpipe is not in the body
> cutout.  Does the 
> close-up of the passenger cove molding show a good sized
> dent, and in the 
> same picture are those ripples down the fender line after
> the wheel well? 
> What's wrong with the convertible rear window?  Looks
> almost as if pinned in 
> place.  Window zipper broken/missing?  Is the top
> boot missing?  Strange 
> that a pilot car has the wood wheel, but not telescopic
> column?
> 110 in Las Vegas today.  113 yesterday.
> Jack (waiting for balmy winter)


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