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At 10:31 AM 7/19/2010, Michael Kovacs wrote:

>  Two Corvairs took the concours trophies for class V. Again the 
> Rampside was a
>winner and the blue LM CORSA turbo Coupe. There were about 150 
>excellent antique
>cars to admire. Many that are virtually in a class by themselves due to their

1961 Rampside:  Phil Domser, Utica NY
1966 Corsa turbo:  Jim Simpson, Bowie MD

Among the other Corvairs in the Concours:

1961 Lakewood: Kevin Gaudette, Vineyard Haven MA
1966 Yenko Stinger:  Norm Latulippe, Manchester CT
1969 Monza convertible:  Mike Kovacs, Amston CT
1963 Greenbrier camper:  Tim Schwartz, Ho-Ho-Kus NJ
1964 "Museumbrier:"  Pete Koehler, Slippery Rock, PA

and several more -- I failed to make a list.

The Sunday Concours was by invitation only.  The Saturday show was an 
"open" car show (anything up to 1986) and there were just over 200 
cars in that one, including about 30 Corvairs.  80 or so cars, 
including well over a dozen Corvairs, participated in Friday's 
cruise-in at Hemmings' Bennington headquarters and the subsequent 
45-mile scenic drive to Stratton.  Would have been even more scenic 
without the two cloudbursts!

Great event!  Great people!  Great exposure for the Corvair to a 
LARGE crowd of persons predisposed toward old cars.  Great 
cross-section of Corvairs on hand.  And the CPF display was the only 
display of its kind at the event, a real standout.

Even my wife enjoyed the show, despite taking a fall and injuring her 
foot while walking on Saturday.  While most people were filing their 
coolers from the hotel ice machine, I was filling ice packs.  We used 
our cooler as a footstool for her to prop her foot upon.

Quick story:  I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who was 
washing a beautiful Ford woody.  After I offered a few compliments on 
his car, he kindly inquired as to which car was mine.  I pointed 
toward my car (1966 500 coupe) and he was both very complimentary and 
very knowledgeable about Corvairs.  He then asked me if I knew where 
the Saturday night dinner would be located.  "I need to know," he 
said, "because I am the guest speaker."  I hadn't recognized him, but 
he was Tom Cotter, the automotive collector and author.  And a true 
gentleman, as it turns out.

And the woody he was washing?  He bought it in 1969, paying $300 for 
it.  "Today I have more than that in the hubcaps," he said with a laugh.

--Bob Marlow

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