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Byron Comp byron.comp at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 12:01:27 EDT 2010

Okay.  The '64 Monza Cvt. I'm restoring has the following numbers:

    VIN:           40967W136680        Indicating it was the 36,680th car off 
the line @ Willow Run in 1964.
    Serial:        DD0113                   No idea what that signifies.  Any 
    Engine:      T0526RA                 Indicating it was the '65-'68 model 95 
hp. with manual (4 speed) transmission.
    Body:        100 Detroit               Meaning?
    Style:        64 0967                   Meaning?
    Body:        WR 5704                 Meaning?  Difference from 100 Detroit?
    Trim:         712-2                       Meaning?
    Paint:        900-E                      It was black - Yes?
    Acces.:     D2L3C5W                Meaning?

Other than trying to track down the last titled owner, who was not the person I 
bought it from, who titled it in '05 and sold it in '07,
how else can I try to begin tracing its history?

Also, if I put 140 exhaust manifolds. mufflers, etc. on it, what advantage will 
I gain? I want to show it and autocross it for a while 

before putting it back up for sale. Will I need to change something in the carbs 
if I change the exhaust?

That's all I can think of for now. I'm so glad I found this forum. It's been 
very helpful as well as friendly (most of the time.) ;-{)

Thanks for your ideas and responses.

Byron Comp
'64 Monza Cvt.
Gainesville, FL


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