<VV> Can you pull down your windows?

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 20:53:49 EDT 2010

Hey, gang. I discovered today that I can pull my front door windows down in my 
daily driver (1962 Monza coupe). My friends were trying to break into my car to 
pull a trick on me and stumbled upon the fact that they could stick their 
fingers in the opening of my slightly cracked window and just pull it all the 
way down. After work I tried it to see and sure enough, I can pull both windows 
down with ease (the crank just spins as I pull the window down) if the windows 
are left cracked open about 3/8 inch. I can actually just press my palm on the 
outside of my drivers window and pull it down, even if it is fully closed (the 
passenger window is not so easy to move). Note that the windows operate 
normally, and do not creep down of their own accord when I drive. 

I checked my other 2 earlies, and none of them move (one passenger window could 
be pulled from slightly cracked to about 1 inch down, but then it stopped). 

Has anyone else experienced this? You may want to give it a try (I had never 
tried it, and was not aware it was even possible up to now, despite having 
driven Corvairs as daily drivers for years). 

Anyone know how to fix it?
 -- Doug Mackintosh
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