<VV> stalling issue

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Wed Jul 21 15:33:35 EDT 2010

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Subject: <VV> stalling issue

> 1966 140. Starts right up. Idles fine. Revs up well and maintains speeds 
> at 55 and 60 mph. Depress the clutch and car stalls; every time.
Well, here is one oldy but goody::

you have the throttle blade at low stop stopping against the linkage, not 
the idle stop screw(s for 2 carbs ) .   thus a moving target, and when you 
slap the linkage closed, it allows the blade(s) to fully close and thus kill 
the engine.

Couldnt happen, right ??   If it happens to you, do like I do and never 
admit to it.  (g).

just a thought... ken campbell, deltawerkes 

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