<VV> Mechanical fuel pumps

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sat Jul 24 22:48:49 EDT 2010

Smitty Says:  I have listened to this absolute garbage about mechanical 
pumps filling crankcases with gasoline for the several years I have been on 
VV.  Not that they aren't capable of doing it mind you.  Just the almost 
panicky sounds the electric pump advocates love to make about destroying 
engines.  In my years of using mechanical pumps (and hundresds of thousands 
of miles) I have experienced maybe 4 pumps that added gas to my crankcase. 
Based on that I would say one would have to be blind, stupid, or both to 
drive such a failure to the point that the engine was damaged.  Gas in the 
oil?  Oh me Oh my, lions and tigers and bears.  Don't ever let it out that 
gas in oil will imediately destroy engines, or we will have to shut down 
billions of chain saws and weed whackers.
So yes they can fail and put gas it the oil.  So drain it out and put new 
oil in, change the pump,  Log an engine flush in your maintenance record. 
But please spare me the drama. 

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