<VV> 67 mechanical fuel pump

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Jul 25 17:34:52 EDT 2010

At 10:19 PM 7/24/2010, PETER INMAN wrote:
>I just had a brand new fuel pump in a fresh fairly expensive total 
>rebuilt 110
>with about 10 hours on it go bad.

That's about how long it takes a bogus pump to fail... did you check 
those gaskets to see if they had fiber reinforcements?

There are STILL some of those bogus pumps floating around that 
haven't been weeded out yet.   And even if you TELL the flaps guy 
about the ones he has in his warehouse, what do you think will happen 
to them?  Likewise the vendors who might have one slip past them now 
and again...  it happens.   That's why this topic keeps being brought 
up, to get people to save themselves a lot of trouble by checking 
that new pump up-front to insure they didn't buy one with the wrong 
gasket material.

Again, it's not just Corvair pumps.   Other marque pumps suffered the 
same issues with this flaky gasket/diaphragm material.

>I noticed my oil pressure wasnt as high as it
>was reading earlier and knew something was wrong. At the same time it quit
>running,no fuel. Long story short, pump failure along with about 0ne 
>quart extra
>oil. Thats all it took to make a believer out of me on Electric fuel pumps.

All it should do is make you a believer in checking what you put on 
the engine.  ;)   The process to check a new pump for the RIGHT 
gasket material has been talked about and discussed a LOT in 
here.   And, it's easy to check...  I've even offered to send, to 
anyone who asks, a photo demonstrating the visually evident 
differences between the pumps with the right stuff, and the bogus 
pumps that WILL fail.

If all your engine experienced was a quart of gas in the oil, I'd not 
worry over anything.   Nothing got damaged.


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