<VV> 67 mechanical fuel pump

PETER INMAN monza1965 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 24 22:19:10 EDT 2010

I just had a brand new fuel pump in a fresh fairly expensive total rebuilt 110 
with about 10 hours on it go bad. I noticed my oil pressure wasnt as high as it 
was reading earlier and knew something was wrong. At the same time it quit 
running,no fuel. Long story short, pump failure along with about 0ne quart extra 
oil. Thats all it took to make a believer out of me on Electric fuel pumps. 
About $40 for oil and filter with some ZDDP. Thats a good down payment on a fuel 
pump controler and inercia switch. Also was a fun project installing the pump.
65 Monza


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