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Brad Hall rbh3794 at yahoo.ca
Sun Jul 25 07:08:00 EDT 2010

I have both a 2 post and a 4 post lift that I purchased from Panther Lifts www.pantherlifts.com, the 2 post was shipped from Michigan and the 4 post was shipped from Texas all the way to Ontario, Canada, and was not all that expensive.  My preference is the 2 post as you can drop the engine/transaxle easily, remove wheels, work on anything in the tunnel, drop the front cross member or gas tank, all without obstruction.  You can also have more room under the car since you're lifting the "frame up", not lifting on the wheels.  I do have limited height in my garage.  
The 4 post is more desirable if you're replacing rocker panels, and if you're storing 1 vehicle above another (which is why I bought the 4 post), it has shields or trays so that any oil or tranny fluid drips don't get onto the vehicle below. I'm storing 2 corvair convertibles on the 4 post over the winter.   Naturally, you still can remove engine/transaxle, tunnel pan, cables, etc.  and you can mount a jack in the steel cross pan to allow you to remove wheels and do brakes, etc.
I hope this is informative.
Brad Hall
Corsa Ontario

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