<VV> automotive lifts

John Kepler jekepler at amplex.net
Sun Jul 25 08:27:54 EDT 2010

A small comment on this topic.  2-Post or 4-Post...ANY lift is better than
no lift!  There are simply a LOT of things that Corvairs need done that you
just can't do an adequate job of laying on your back.  They are available
from a number of sources for reasonable amounts of money, and with a little
ingenuity and jack-leg engineering, will work to full height in almost any
garage (I can lift anything but a van to full height in my 24x32x8' garage).
Oh...and if I have to choose, there advantages and disadvantages to both,
but at the end of the day....the 2-post wins on utility and
versatility....half as much stuff to be in the way!

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