<VV> 1967 Corvair Monza fuel pump

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun Jul 25 14:47:32 EDT 2010

At 06:23 PM 7/24/2010, jimster1 wrote:
>Amen, all of this yack about leaking fuel pumps kind of validates the
>electric fuel pump.

All the yak was about ONE leaky pump, which is gonna get fixed as 
soon as he gets the new gasket I'm gonna send him.

>I'd say that a pump dribbling fuel into the engine
>compartment is inherently more dangerous than ANY perceived problem stemming
>from a crash, to say nothing about filling your crankcase with gas and
>diluting to oil to the point of engine failure.

Remember, a hardened gasket generally only leaks externally through 
the perimeter seal area.  It's the cracked gasket diaphragm inside 
the pump that can cause fuel to leak down the pushrod into the 
crankcase.  This usually only happens with the bogus pumps with the 
wrong diaphragm material, and even then these pumps can have a bottom 
gasket failure via a split or crack and leak externally without 
anything actually getting into the crankcase.

Use the correct pump, no worries.  I run the correct pump and thus, 
no worries.  ;)

>  But if the Luddites wish to
>continue wax romantic about the virtues of mechanical pumps, I guess there
>is nothing the enlightened can do about it.

...hardly a Luddite here.   My ancient 4-door is running an 
alternator, and using a switchable electronic "exciter" I 
breadboarded up to make the alternator work without having to cut the 
wire harness, using existing plugs in the engine bay.  It's hidden 
inside the gutted case of the generator regulator, which has wires 
leading to the alternator and its regulator.  So far, nobody seems to 
ever notice that there are what appears to be two voltage regulators 
in the engine bay.    This way, if I put the original engine back, 
with its generator, it's a simple plug-in operation, no mods.

The next thing I'm considering doing is installing hi-intensity LEDs 
in the cluster so I can see the speedo and gas gauge at night... 
those incandescent lamps never seem bright enough when going down the 
highways with oncoming traffic's laserbeam headlights destroying 
anything that could be called night-vision capability which makes 
seeing the dim speedo and gas gauge difficult until my eyes adjust 
back, which takes a minute or so...

SUVs are the worst, riding behind you with high mounted headlights 
glaring in the mirrors.   Kinda sucks, have to dodge and bob to keep 
the spotlights out of my eyes as I drive.    And, the dash lights 
(which are all new) still aren't as bright as they could be...

However... the interior lights could stand improvement, hence the 
plan.   The fuel pump does NOT need improvement.

It's running a mechanical pump because I TRUST it.  I know what's 
doing in that pump and I do have a rebuilt spare in a box in the 
trunk, just in case.

The car also has modern radial tires on it.   A Luddite would be 
running wide whitewall bias plys.   ;)


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