<VV> JCW Rear Grille

Vairtec Corporation Vairtec at optonline.net
Mon Jul 26 13:23:40 EDT 2010

Anyone out there own one of the JC Whitney "custom" tubular rear grilles 
for a late model?  If so, a local club member would like to borrow or 
buy it.  He is entering his car in a custom car show where entry is 
limited to cars with a certain number of modifications, determined by a 
point scale.  He is a few points shy of the necessary number, and a 
"non-original grille" will put him over the top.

Mind you, I think these grilles are uuuuug-ly, but this ain't my car.

Kindly reply to me if you have one of these available.

--Bob Marlow

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