<VV> Overheating - Deflashing Heads

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I'd  appreciate any and all suggestions and thanks...Bill Hershkowitz 69 
110 PG

Hi Bill, Just a few comments.
There was a reason that Chevrolet discontinued the A/C on 1968-69 Corvairs  
and you are discovering it now. So either remove all of the smog equipment 
OR  relocate the condenser to the trunk. Also remove the lower shrouds for 
the A/C  season.
The 1/8 in drill bit works great for me, but please go to a REAL hardware  
store and buy a 6 inch long "jobber" bit. You can do most of the work from  
above. Help to have a hack saw blade and / or a key hole saw too to help 
even  out the passageways.
Bob Helt

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