<VV> Insulation or Jute Padding

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 18:56:18 EDT 2010

I am almost done with the rebuild of my 62 Monza. I am now starting in 
the interior floor. I have removed the seats and the carpet (new carpet 
from ACC has been delivered). I want to put down dynamat under the 
carpeting. What is the best way to remove the old glued on fiber 
padding. I have scrapped a lot of it off with a scrapper, but need to 
get the old glue and fibers out so that the dynamat has a good chance of 
sticking. What is the best way to do this?
Could I get some 3M adhesive release, spray it good and the scrape, or 
use a wire brush or even a wire wheel (attached to my drill), or????


Ed Orbea

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