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> I cant get the 2 bolts UNDER the generator (into the fuel pump/etc housing part) both started at once, it seems like the generator would have to sit with the pulley pressed right up against the thing.... it wont go "down" far enough to get both bolts started because the pulley is hitting the bracket.... but I took this generator off this car a few weeks ago... what am I doing wrong? 
> Sitting here scratching my head waiting for an answer, thanks!
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  Ray- Verify that the bolts are nice and clean, and that you can thread the bolts by

hand. Then, assuming that the threads are indeed good, put ONE of the bolts in, specifically the one that is most easily reached (closest to the back of the car). Leave

this bolt loose enough so that the generator can still be rotated up and down, using

the bolt as a pivot. With the generator rotated up, you should be able to set the bolt

in the hole, rotate the generator close to its proper mounting point, and be able to just

wiggle the generator around and slide the bolt into its threads. This step is best accomplished with a long extension and a u-joint attached to a socket. If you arent

interested in keeping the stock bolts, get a set of socket head cap screws the same

length as the generator bolts, and replace! It makes that job much easier. I think

your mistake is assuming you can start both bolts at the same time, but this, in my

opinion, is very difficult if not practically impossible because of the limited clearance

available for the front bolt (the one closest to the top shroud).


Kevin Nash
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