<VV> Hard Pedal, poor brakes

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Thu Jul 29 10:52:43 EDT 2010

"I cannot condone using a compression type coupling, it is against state inspection rules here, and have been known to fail, although probably just due to improper installation." 

Compression fittings, properly installed work fine. 

An independent brake testing facility in my area would test brakes on new vehicles for some of the auto manufactures. They would perform a series of "what if" conditions. 

Before any testing was done, the driver / mechanic would plumb the test vehicle so they could record all the pressure & temperature data, as well as to add the ability to cut out any wheel or pairs of wheels they wanted. All the plumbing of brake lines and the addition of data gathering equipment was done using compression fittings. 

After performing the 30 - 0, 60 - 0 tests on public roads, they headed to the airport to do the 100 - 0 test and then the "killer" test where they ran it until it failed, a high speed hardest braking you can do test. 

Before the airport was used, "back in the old days", they actually did the 100 - 0 tests on the GSP (Garden State Parkway, a public road) at 1 or 2 in the morning. Just contact the Trooper who was on duty and, well,......... they had a working arrangement with the State Troopers. 

Roy - Bayshore 

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