<VV> Hard Pedal, poor brakes.

jimster1 jimster1 at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 30 03:58:15 EDT 2010

Regarding double flare kits, I'm about ready to undertake the installation
of four wheel disks.  I suspect I'll be doing a bunch of flares.  What tool
can be recommended, I know there's good ones as well as junk.

I am proud of my double-flare kit.   :)

>The other failure of brake hoses is the "check valve" effect. I've seen
>this too often in Corvairs. The brakes work fine for a few stops, and then
>one wheel locks up even with your foot off the brake pedal. The hose to
>that wheel will not allow the fluid to return to the master cylinder when
>your foot is off the brake.

Or worse, it allows fluid to go into the cylinder but not completely 
back out again, causing that brake to drag... for miles.   Eventually 
it gets things so hot the fluid boils in the wheel cylinder.  If it 
happens on the back, it may not exhibit any warnings like pulling, 
and it can cause the car to feel like it's bucking a headwind and 
actually get that brake so hot it blisters the paint on the wheel 
from the glowing brake drum.

I've done that.   I spent some time on the side of the road cracking 
a bleed valve on a wheel cylinder to release pressure so the car 
would roll free, then stuffed a piece of wheel weight into the brake 
hose junction and crimped it into place to block that line off so I 
could get the car home without having the collapsed hose gag up again 
and act like a check valve and jam the remnants of the brake shoes 
against the already warped drum...   that was an interesting day.

The irony was that I was returning from a chapter meeting and tech 
session at a club member's house at the lake, and the 40 mile drive 
back home was an adventure.


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