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Cliff cliff at tibweb.com
Fri Jul 30 12:56:49 EDT 2010

>From Edmund's history of the Vette:

"Hey, what happened to 1983? What happened was that the change from the
previous-generation Corvette to the new one was so radical that it took a
while to get the Bowling Green plant up and running. So while 43
preproduction "1983" C4 Corvettes were built, none of these was ever sold to
the general public and only one of them survives today. Instead, in March of
'83, Chevrolet began selling the 1984 Corvette and it was the most
dramatically different Corvette since the '63 Sting Ray."

More at: http://www.edmunds.com/chevrolet/corvette/history.html

Cliff Tibbitts
Lexington, KY

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