<VV> longest-running US car model - Checker

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 17:33:49 EDT 2010


Although the Checker company was in the car business from 1922-83, they built 
different models.  The last and longest-running body style, the "A" series,
ran from 1956 through 1982.  The last model was the A12, built in the later '70s 
and early '80s.  They had all the Government-mandated safety features, 

including a Chevrolet steering column assembly.

The Superba series of non-commerical cars ran until around 1960, when the model 
was re-named Marathon.  Although the Checker was known as a durable car, the 
bodies weren't unitized, and the various body parts began to rattle and come 
loose after a few hard years use on rough, mean city streets as taxi cabs.

Checker began using Chevrolet OHV 6's and V8s starting in 1965, along with the 
Turbo-Hydramatic transmission as an option.  Before this, they used Continental 
flathead sixes.

I'd say the longest-running single car model, would go the Chevy Suburban, which 
is technically a truck, but used for passenger duty...Bill Hershkowitz


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