<VV> 65 Corvair Parts For sale

ChiefTAM at aol.com ChiefTAM at aol.com
Fri Jul 30 21:53:46 EDT 2010

I am trying to help out a young woman whose husband recently passed  away.  
He had a 1965 Coupe he was trying to restore.  She sold the car  to someone 
(she got taken) and then found that in the shed were some new parts  from 
Clarks, in the boxes.  
I am trying to figure out what all is there to sell, but what I know for  
sure is:
Clarks Carpet, C1478LS, 80/20 for bucket seats, coupe, in Light Saddle,  
Clark's price $146.65, new in the box as shipped from Clarks.
Clark's Repo 1965 Wheel Trim Set, 4 upper pieces, as packed from  Clarks in 
the box, Paid $119.95 on the Clark's invoice. (think this is maybe an  
older price)
Clarks Engine Lid and Rear Fender (L&R) Insulation with Attachment  Mounts, 
new in Clarks Box, Clark's price $112.00
Would be willing to send them all out for $210.00 plus actual shipping or  
reasonable offers for individual pieces.  Anyone know anyone who needs  
these pieces?  Thanks.
Todd in MN
chieftam at aol.com

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