<VV> OT: longest-running US car model? - With a Corvair Connection

P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 31 11:52:45 EDT 2010

JR Read wrote:

> Looks like a somewhat "checkered" history from Wikipedia (GRIN),
> but it looks as if they built taxis (cars) from 1922 to 1959.

JR, the portion of the article you quote deals with only one aspect of their history.
Checker built cars from 1922 trough 1982, still not as long a production run as the GM Suburban (35 to present).
The Corvair connection is through Ed Cole, who went to Checker after retiring from GM.
Also quoted from Wikipedia:
> In 1977, seven years after the death of Morris Markin, retired GM
> President Ed Cole bought into Checker with the intent of re-energizing
> the company and developing a new, more modern Checker. Cole's
> plan was to purchase partially completed Volkswagens from VW's
> new factory in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. Cole was going to ship
> the VWs to the Checker Motors factory in Kalamazoo, cut them in
> half, insert a section to lengthen the VW, raise the roof and then sell
> the reconfigured vehicle as a taxi. Shortly thereafter, however, Cole
> was killed when his plane crashed near Kalamazoo.
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