<VV> Advise wanted (Now; Con Men)

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First, I assume you are selling your present house to buy one  with a 
bigger garage/shop for your growing collection of Corvairs, right?   :-)
Next, I assume that the Ivory Coast guy is trying to buy the  house without 
seeing it.  Let me guess, he "just knows that you are a very  ethical 
person and he trusts you."  NOBODY would send you a large check for  something 
like a house without checking it out.  It is most definitely a  con.
What I would do is play the guy along just to learn his  methods and 
perhaps torture him a little.  Get the check from him but do  not bother to 
deposit it because your bank will probably charge you a "returned  check" fee.  I 
would frame the check and keep it as a conversation  piece.  By the way, the 
check will be for more than he promised and he will  ask you to return the 
difference to him or send it to a third party who needs  payment for 
performing a house inspection or some other duty.  Tell the guy  that you didn't 
receive the first check.  If he has a signature from you,  blame it on your 
brother-in-law or a house sitter who you recently discovered is  a thief.  He 
will replace it.  The second check might have been eaten  by your dog, or 
parrot or check weevils.  See how many checks he will send  you before he 
wises up.  At least, you will cost him the price of one or  more overnight 
shipping charges.
A second plan might be to tell him that a vice President of  the Bank of 
Nigeria is offering you 25% more than your asking price for the  house and get 
him into a fake bidding war.  No doubt, he will tell you that  the guy is a 
con man and do not trust him.
Have fun,
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I am selling my house in Guadalajara, Mexico and a French guy  living in 
Cote D'ivory (Ivory Coast) is trying to buy it, offering to transfer  50% of 
the value in advance. He sent me a copy of his passport (can?t check  it?s 
So many fraud attempts thru the  internet make me wander about this guy. ? 
Does somebody of you knows about  possibly attempts concerning houses ? 

Any advise  would be greatly appreciated. Please reply offline.

Daniel  Monasterio

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