<VV> A Greenbrier Recruit

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 1 15:27:31 EDT 2010

Welcome to insanity! Actually the van looks like a good deal for the price.  The first thing to do is inspect the brakes. Cause without them, you' re in trouble. I noticed the engine is newer than the van. Post the VIN number and the engine code located just behind the oil filler on the engine block. Someone can interpret the code to tell you what you probably have.

 I guess safety first is the key. Brakes, tires, fix the exhaust leak. It is a standard shift 3 or 4 speed?  These things usually require a premiun fuel. 

Do you know who the primary Corvair part suppliers are? Where are you located? Others will eventually chime in. Sometimes cheeep stuff you are missing is on eBay. Just type in Corvair.MIKE KOVACS 

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Hey there folks,

I've been intrigued by Corvairs since I stumbled
upon one a couple years ago, and when I saw this
1963 Greenbrier for $850 only a couple hours away
from me I couldn't pass it up.


So, being the proud owner of this van, I ask
myself the question "What next...?" I've never
owned a Corvair before, and quite honestly I have
next-to-zero experience working on/fixing up
cars... especially a quirky van nearly 50 years
old. But I figure that as in-over-my-head I am
already, I can really only go up from here, and I
am definitely motivated to learn any and
everything I need to get my van up to daily driver

I'm hoping someone here will be kind enough to
give an extreme newbie a nudge in the proper
direction! :D

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