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Travis Thayer cmdoptesc.pwnt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 16:53:03 EDT 2010

Glad I asked about gas; I would've just run it on 87 without a thought....
The engine is actually the third engine in the van (I found the PO's listing
on CorvairCenter where he stated that the second one had gone up in smoke on
the freeway), and (like the 2nd one) I'd bet it's a 140. I'll tag down the
number on the engine block and see someone can help me figure out for sure.

As for work, I guess I'll get to it on the brakes, then!

I realize that I didn't specify this when I posted: I'm from California but
I go to school in Appleton, WI. I'm going to be going home for the summer
(without the car :\) and storing the van at my friend's house in Oshkosh,
WI. So my general location is somewhere between Appleton and Oshkosh
depending on where we're working on the car.

Are there any good mechanics in the area? What about a club? I could make it
down to Milwaukee, but it'd be nice if there was something closer. Someone
recognized this van on another forum and is trying to get me the number of
the mechanic who was working on it with the PO, so I think that'll be a lot
of help. The PO passed away and his son sold the car to me, so they were
likely in the middle of some repairs and whatnot.

Mike, it's a manual 4-speed from the 2nd half of the 1963 model year (a
normal shifter rather than something weird mounted on the front of the bench

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