<VV> Drip Drip on our feet

Ron ronh at owt.com
Wed Jun 2 02:11:55 EDT 2010

Note that those windshield patch panels don't reach to the corners where the 
rust through usually is.  I had an NOS patch panel for my '66 and it was 
useless except for material.

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> That is a reminder of the free LM Corvair I went to get.  The weeds were
> over a foot tall and it was sunk so deep into the soft field soil (former
> farm land) that pretty much everything below the body crease was gone -
> including the engine.  There was no way to jack it up since there was
> nothing to support a jack.  I saved a few pieces of trim, the wiper arms,
> and the windshield.  Did I mention it was a convert - and in that field 
> for
> MANY years?
> The upper windshield trim had slid down to the wiper arms and after 
> picking
> those parts off (absolutely no tools involved), I simply picked up the
> windshield.  This was after chasing away several snakes which had claimed
> residence.  There were two Vairs in that field.  I never went back!
> Regarding the drip - drip:  Do you see Bondo at the corner (maybe both) of
> the windshield base?  If so, the only REAL way to fix the problem is with 
> a
> patch panel from one of our major vendors.  You will need to know or have 
> a
> friend who knows how to do the appropriate body work.
> Oh - the original note did not specify body style.  I'm assuming - not a
> vert.
> Second Oh - Water resistant foam will not stop rust (which never sleeps).
> That "fix" is not permanent.
> Later, JR
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>> It's also a good place to paint on some rustproofing under the dash
>> and then shoot it with water resistant foam.
> Some BIG SNIPS here
>> We removed the windshield without cutting away any tar rope... after
>> we removed the stainless trim held in place with silicone sealer, we
>> simply lifted it out, surprised it hadn't simply blown out on the
>> highways and this car saw interstate driving.   The glass still had
>> tar rope and parts of the rusted away channel stuck to it as we
>> lifted it out of the car.
>> I'm not kidding.
> Here too.
>> tony..
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