<VV> early model engine removal question

Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 21:43:56 EDT 2010

Ray, Kevin's advice is correct. The balance point for the engine and
transaxle is about where the cam gear is, actually, just forward of that on
the pan face, so I removed the pan and installed the same 2 x 4's as Ray,
drilling holes and using long screws same size as pan bolts, and added a 2 x
2 cross wise ahead of the cam gear. The whole unit balances on that 2 x 2
and you can lower it straight down.
You will need to remove the wheels and drums and the four nuts that hold the
axle bearings to the back plate, and the axles will simply pull out of the
diff. While at it, check those bearings and u-joints.

Once out, the diff/trans comes right off with ease.

Mark Durham

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 9:37 AM, kevin nash <wrokit at hotmail.com> wrote:

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> > Subject: <VV> I'm back! Also early model engine removal question and
> > parts needed
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> > Greetings folks!
> >
> > I've (Ray Rodriguez) been gone from this list for most of the winter due
> to having too much going on and being away from home a long while, so I
> wanted to let you all know I'm back and give you an update on my cars
> (further down).
> >
> > My first question is: I may be about to purchase my first early model car
> =) if we can agree on a price and the condition is as advertised. The car I
> may be buying is currently not running and I might temporarily swap in the
> good engine from the 65' to make it driveable till the 65' is ready to hit
> the street. I've been using the "engine only" removal method for my late
> coupes where you jack up the rear of the car, unbolt from the diff/tranny
> and pull the engine back and out and it works GREAT for me, but I think I
> read that this doesn't work on early cars. Can anyone talk to me about
> pulling the engine from an early the fastest/easiest way? I pulled the
> complete drive train the first time I did it on the late cars and I find it
> to be a LOT more work... I'd rather avoid that if its possible.
> Ray- I have popped lots of engines out of earlys and the only way I've ever
> done it is
> to remove the engine and transaxle complete- with two people it takes about
> 1 1/2
> hours (not hurrying), by myself I've done it in 3hours. The best way I've
> found to do
> this is to use a ATV jack and a standard floor jack- put the floor jack
> under the transaxle,
> and use the ATV jack under the engine (use two wooden blocks to support the
> engine
> at both sides of the oil pan)- now you can very gently and slowly lower the
> engine and
> transaxle and keep the engine and transaxle nearly level with the floor.
> Once the unit
> is lowered far enough to clear the body, simply roll the whole works out
> from underneath
> the car. This technique is also great for re-attaching the transaxle to the
> engine, as it
> allows you to control the height of the engine and the transaxle
> independant of one another.
> Kevin Nash
> '63 spyder, daily driver
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