<VV> pinging / detonation from my past

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Wed Jun 2 17:37:17 EDT 2010

i think there are pictures of the results from pinging / detonation on a  
110hp automatic from one of my trips in VT on the old website     
_http://www.corvair.de/n2vzd/_ (http://www.corvair.de/n2vzd/)     . it MAY have been 
bad high test that i bought in the sticks between bennington  and manchester  
that was not really high test. i now ALWAYS have some sort  of octane boost 
with me. the main event was climbing a long steep hill on a main  route with 
a ton of traffic behind me as my engine more or less self destructed.  i 
backed off the timing a bit at the top in a parking lot , but the damage was  
already done. i was very thankful to get home with it.
it took the rings out of the top grooves in pieces. it took 3 qts of oil to 
 get home @235 miles.
we used those cleaned up pistons for hard luck award trophies at our  show.
on the subject of facebook, i get a few messages to join , but some of my  
tech nets (from former computer repair employment ) warned of possible/  
probable  problems a long time ago , so i stay away from it. there was a  long 
article in our paper not long ago echoing that sentiment on the front  page.
regards, tim colson

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