<VV> ANY model engine removal question - OOPS

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 3 18:10:18 EDT 2010

Bob, you're old enough and have lived long enough in a road-salt-paving
state to know that 1) rust will trash a "factory form" system like the EM
perimeter seal retaining strips, and 2) if it can be screwed up by amateur
mechanics, shade tree wrench twisters, etc., it WILL be. The EM perimeter
seal retaining system only works well in a pristine "lab" situation, but
not very well in the real world. And it MUST be a virgin system in order to
work as intended. It is just too complicated not to be easily screwed up.

You and I have both witnessed how the EM system can be trashed. The worst
one I ever saw was when someone stuffed a LM engine in an EM, complete with
LM sheet metal. Where the LM sheet metal didn't match the EM engine cavity,
they simply hot-wrenched off the offending sheet metal. LOL

Hence my comment about the EM perimeter seal system being a "horror show".


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> Mark Corbin wrote:
> > But as far as whole drivetrain removal, yes, it's a *little* easier to
> > in an early. At least in respect with contending with the axle hardware.
> > But I'd still rather contend with the LM's axle hardware than the
> > EM perimeter seals. Even Marlow (a dyed-in-the-wool EM lover) admits to
> > that horror show.
> >   
> I will happily admit that the late model perimeter seal is a superior 
> design.  But I did not say, nor will I concede, that the early model 
> perimeter seal is "a horror show."
> What makes early model perimeter seals horrible to deal with is when 
> someone has previously screwed them up, typically by trying to short-cut 
> the procedure.  In stock, factory form, they ain't hard.  All it takes 
> is a measure of patience.
> --Bob Marlow

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