<VV> Brake Light Problem- in detail

Carlton Smith carlton55 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 5 22:00:41 EDT 2010

I believe that the problem is exactly this. In the turn signal switch
cluster there are left and right turn signal lamp contacts and separately
left and right brake lamp contacts. When the turn signals are not on and the
arm is in the neutral position a pair of hot contacts (left and right) are
touching the brake light contacts. When you move the arm or either right or
left the hot contact moves that direction breaking the contact for the brake
lamp for that side and engaging the contact for the turn signal lamp for
that side. If when the arm goes back to neutral the hot contact does not
make to the brake lamp contact again you will not have a brake light on that
side. You have to go into the switch cluster and clean the contacts and or
make physical adjustments to them. I recently had this same problem on my 65

By the way if you clean all of the old lithium grease completely off of
everything mechanical and re-grease moderately  with a synthetic grease like
Teflon you will greatly improve your turn signals mechanically. No more
having to hold up or down on the arm to make the turn signals stay engaged.
This is a common problem at least with LM I am told by many of my club

I hope this information helps. 

Carlton Smith
Indianapolis, IN
65 Corsa 180ho Turbo Convertible
Circle City Corvairs

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It's a  turn signal switch problem.


Actually it's a just-before-the-turn-signal problem. The power feed for the 
 turn signal and the power feed for the "factory" hazard (No such animal - 
it's  dealer or after install of a GM accessory kit) both feed power 
separate from the  brake pedal feed to the column. Dennis is correct, in
that it 
is likely  somewhere on he input side of the turn signal switch. Without the

switch  activated, the power for the brake lights just enters and leaves 
through switch  wiring, heading to the rear of the car. The hazard
that outward bound  feed (I believe) and feeds it's own power to all the
signal filaments and  flashes them, front and rear.  Remember, if the turn 
signal filament lights  and flashes (brightly) with the turn signal switch, 
it isn't a problem at the  rear of the car, it is probably up under the 
dash, at the column connectors or  in the turn signal switch. Let us know
you find. 
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair,  Camaro, Corvette

San Jose, CA

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