<VV> 4 speed conversion

DON W HILTPOLD JR igotstuff at msn.com
Sun Jun 6 11:00:44 EDT 2010

The conversion that every one is beating to death is as easy to do. The only thing that is a necessary evil is the suspension, the factory didn't figure for the 4 speed cover. There fix was to cut the area out and turn it over and weld it back. You can see this with an original early frame. As for the rest of the conversion its a direct bolt in. Bought a 64 700 with a seized engine, swapped in a 63 engine, not sure of the trans 62-65 and a 64 4 speed transaxle. I even have a quick shifter kit in it and it fun to drive. 
Don Hiltpold 
64 700 sedan
61 2 door wagon ( project ) 
62 wagon w/ aluminum V8 ( project )
64 convertible w/ V8 in the back seat ( yes another project )   

>> How easy or difficult a conversion is this on late and early cars?  Is it
>> a 100% bolt-on procedure?
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