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Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 12:40:59 EDT 2010

I'll confirm what Bob has to say on the removals. I have done several clutch
changes just by removing the engine only and it was a real hassle trying to
get it all lined back up at an angle, I was 17 then and could manhandle
things, not so now at 60 :):), and there is a chance you could bend that

It took more time fooling with that than it did for me to remove the whole
thing, and do the clutch change on the jack last year, then reassemble,
since things just slipped together easily on the jack. Leave the cross
member on the trans so you don't mess up the shim arrangement and change

In fact, with the equipment I had, I could not jack the car high enough to
get the engine out, so I bought a cheap $15 dolly at harbor freight, set the
engine on that, and just rotated the assy around so the trans was sticking
out the back and took things off down to the case, resealed that area, and
changed out the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate too.

GM made it easy to remove the whole transaxle/engine assy, it was in fact
the first unibody car and that's exacly how they dealt with the
engine/transaxle, hence the reason for the nice engine cradle they have in
the repair manual.

Mark Durham

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 7:41 AM, Vairtec Corporation
<Vairtec at optonline.net>wrote:

> You can put me squarely in the camp of those believing that drivetrain
> removal is far easier on an early model than a late model.  BUT --
> notice the use of the word "drivetrain."  I personally prefer removal of
> the engine and transaxle assembly as a unit, and apples to apples, this
> is far easier on an early model than a late model, even allowing for the
> late model's superior perimeter seal design.
> In fact, when the debate about "early vs late" comes up, I use as a
> point in favor of early models the easier drivetrain R&R.
> If, however, the question concerns removal of the engine, only, my view
> is that this process is easy on a late model and should not be done on
> an early model.
> The original question, if I remember correctly, was whether the owner of
> an early model should remove the engine, only, or the entire
> drivetrain.  While some have pointed out that the engine-only technique
> can be employed on an early model, my viewpoint remains that the
> original questioner's life will be made easier if he removes the whole
> schmeer.
> --Bob Marlow
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