<VV> electronic ignition help!!

akacube at aol.com akacube at aol.com
Sun Jun 6 18:02:11 EDT 2010

Thanks to all that have replied and I apologize for not providing the brand of ignition it is a Petronix Flame Thrower coil and the module, p/n 02AE-V5, has a red and black wire. It seems that the black wire is the negative that goes on the coil and the red is the positive but does it go to the positive coil terminal or to a 12V wire from the ignition? Also, some of you had mentioned somthing about a gap between the rotor and the electronic module. This module came with a spacer that I believe goes on after the ignition plate is mounted and the rotor then sits on top of this spacer which then places the rotor above the module. The module looks to be completely sealed. Again thanks for all of your help.

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