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Seems to me that for the price of the Webers/manifold and head work, he  
could have David Clemens build him what he wants with the 4 modded  
Rochesters.  On the other hand, Ray has mentioned several times he is  trying to do 
this on a shoestring budget.   NOTE:  I have  reconciled myself to jettisoning 
my previous "do it 
the best way possible on a limited budget" approach, and am taking my time  
(as money allows) to build my car with the parts I want on it so it will 
last a  LONG time.
Joe Dunlap
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With a radical cam, the compression ratio  needs to be higher than 

stock, as the cam is "bleeding off" cylinder  pressure at lower rpms, owing

to the later closing intake and the  earlier closing exhaust. I'm guessing

that your compression ratio needs  to be around 10-10.5 to 1 to work

right. Also, radical cams exaggerate  flow losses in stock heads, and will

be very peaky without head work.  So, consider lopping off the intake

manifold, and run a set of triple  throat webers. This combination will

work perfect with that baad @ss  lumpy cam!

Kevin Nash

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