<VV> mythbusters and pickup beds

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Mon Jun 7 11:35:39 EDT 2010

I have witnessed too many things rising up out of pickup beds, so if what
Mythbusters say is true, it takes very little crosswind to negate the
pushing down effect.

Maybe the Mythbusters only tested empty pickup beds. Not much blows out of
an empty pickup bed! But, pack the bed full to the rails and then retest,
as this is when I see stuff (boxes, pictures, sofa cushions, mattreses,
[OK, mattresses are their own aerodynamic problem! ggg]) blowing out. Last
week was a box of apples, but, that was packed above the rails, so it fell
out, not blew out. We (the cars following the truck) made applesauce on the
interstate. Yum! ggg

Frank DuVal

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Mythbusters showed that pick up beds fill with air, like water unless there
are side winds nothing should blow out. If there is a hole in the bed air
will be "leaking out of the hole.  Thatr's why tail gates down do not
increase gas mileage.  When I drove with the cover open my dipstick was not
warm to the touch.

Some one else thought it was "cool" the last time this came up.

Kirk Johnson
Rags, the Ratrod Rampside
De Soto, KS

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