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That's  how I know I've gotten some good hours time in the Corsa 140-4 ... I
sit  down in my company car (08 Dodge Charger) and stomp down the
non-existent  clutch when reaching for the key!!!

> The other day, I got  into
> the Greenbrier and, as I was about to turn the key, my left foot  stomped
> the vacant space on the floor.  The habit of depressing  the clutch has
> become "automatic!"
> --Bob  Marlow

The worst part is when you are cruising up to the stoplight, and you push  
down on the non-existent clutch pedal - only to hit the left edge of the 
wide  Powerglide brake pedal - CHIRP! go the tires. Who? Me?

Seth Emerson

C's the Day! -  Corvair, Camaro, Corvette
San Jose, CA

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