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I got  one recommendation that I use high pressure gas shock up front and 
adjustable  air shocks in the back; is this good? if so, what brands and type 
would be  good for each?

Sounds interesting, Charles - What are you towing with that rig? An  
Seriously - I suggest you stick to the same type of shock at all four  
corners. If it is not a competition usage, most of the "Heavy Duty" shocks will  
work fine. Clarks has their HD shocks, and they offer other types as well. 
The  big difference in shocks is between shocks that are designed for the 
Corvair -  weight distribution, length of travel, etc. and shocks that will 
"bolt-on",  because they have the same - or close - bracketry and mounting. 
That second type  was not necessarily designed for the Corvair weights or 
travel. To work  correctly, the shock should be designed to work with the spring 
rate on the car.  Some folks have fitted Corvette Shocks onto a Vair, some 
Ford Pick-up shocks.  Okay, maybe they will bolt in place, but are they 
right for the application? Of  course, Some may not mind if the ride motions are 
a little "strange". And some  folks ride unicycles. <grin>
I am sure you will get some good recommendations here at VV. There is a lot 
 of experience just waiting for the right questions.

Seth Emerson

C's the Day! -  Corvair, Camaro, Corvette
San Jose, CA

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