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I understand your disappointment about having to miss the convention. I have been excited about the convention in Cedar Rapids since it was chosen. Like you, I also attended my first convention in 1974 in Chicago. Slept in my '63 Palomar Red Spyder convert cuz I had a new baby at home and couldn't afford the hotel cost. 

I have to miss this one now as well. My son will be attending in my place as my wife and convention partner has stage 4 lung cancer and is not able to travel that far from Minneapolis (Frostbite Falls).  I will enjoy the convention through the reports here and on "CC" and through reports and pics from my son. 

We had a whole week of activities planned around central Iowa, as well as taking in the events at the convention. There are honestly a lot of things to see and do in the area. I wish you a fruitful trade show and I wish all my friends in CORSA a wonderful convention and a safe journey! 

Bob Johnston 

Frostbite Falls, MN 

CORSA since 72 

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Last year, I was not able to attend the Jacksonville convention and I 
wrote a lament that appeared in the convention issue of the Communique.   
In that article, I resolved to attend the Iowa convention. 

Then the scheduling gods said "hah!" and caused the convention to be a 
direct conflict with an important business trade show.  So instead of 
being in Cedar Rapids, I'll be in Atlantic City. 

Now, I happen to like Atlantic City -- I've been going there since long 
before it became a casino town -- but I would rather be in Cedar 
Rapids.  I know that some of the members of this list have been somewhat 
dismissive of Cedar Rapids as a vacation destination, but even though I 
have never been there, I am confident that it will be a great place to 
visit.  Some of the places I have enjoyed most have been those that have 
been less than obvious choices. 

It appears that this year I will have to again enjoy the convention 
vicariously, through telephone calls with Pete Koehler. 

Some months ago, there was chatter on this list about the unusual 
schedule being utilized at this convention, notably the Thursday evening 
banquet and the Friday Car Display.  As I said at the time, it would not 
be my recommendation for a schedule, but the organizers are to be 
thanked for trying to shake things up, to see if something different 
works.  Give it a try, folks, and give it an honest chance.  It might 
fail.  It might succeed. 

I attended my first CORSA convention in 1974, and missed very few until 
recently.  To assuage my disappointment at missing another convention, I 
am participating in the Hemmings New England Concours in Vermont next 
month, where the Corvair is one of this year's featured cars.  I know 
that many on this list are going there, too.  I will miss seeing a lot 
of old friends in Iowa, but I will enjoy seeing others in Vermont. 

--Bob Marlow 

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