<VV> Will the Real "Oldest Corvair" please stand up?

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Tue Jun 15 01:35:33 EDT 2010

At 04:29 PM 6/14/2010, wfcc at mediacombb.net wrote:

>Was it pea green and sitting on the right side of the parking lot at 
>a Vair Fair ?

No, this car was a very faded seafoam (?) or maybe a very light pale 
green repaint over what appeared to have been white, although the 
white itself could have been a repaint.   Its paint appeared to be 
pretty thick...

>Probably at the same show that the Super Monza was.

No, I was there too, took photos of the unrestored Super Monza but I 
didn't see this '60 there or I'd have remembered it.   Now, the car 
you're talking about may well be a different one.   I think the NC 
show with the car on the trailer was after the Vair Fair with the 
Super Monza.

>If so I think I have some pictures of it here someplace, showing the 
>horn slots.

Cool, love to see them.

The car I saw was at a NC Fall Affair, remember that one well because 
I rode my motorcycle to that show and had to get Bill Burleson to 
transport some stuff I bought back to Roanoke for me.    It was about 
18 years ago or thereabout.   Now:   The car I saw was not 
roadworthy, looked as if it hadn't run in a long time, was on a 
trailer and was offered for sale, don't think it sold.

Seems I remember its spare tire was a mess, cords hanging out of it 
like it had been run flat a long distance.


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