<VV> Glass storage, was: what to do with a rough 65 Monza?

Mark Corbin airvair at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 10 00:16:54 EDT 2010

One point about glass. The side glass and backlite are all tempered glass
(on cars, anyway) and can take amazing abuse. Just don't hit it on the
edge. While they will almost never chip, they WILL instantly shatter into a
zillion bits. Individual pieces can be easily stored (or shipped for that
matter) by placing them between a folded sheet of heavy corrigated
cardboard, then stapled together and in place. That's how the factory
shipped them.

Windshields are a whole 'nother animal. They CANNOT be stored horizontally
as they will in time break all on their own. Had it happen to me. Store
them vertically and EXTREMELY well protected, as the slightest bump on the
edge with the wrong thing will start an unstoppable crack.


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> From: Marc  Marcoulides <hharpo at earthlink.net>
> Subject: <VV> what to do with a rough 65 Monza?
> If you have a place for glass storage, keep that (I made a box from
plywood that the glass pieces I have fit in)

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